Sunday, 5 December 2010

F-117A 'Sabre 96' getting friendly with its tanker October 2010

Here's the F-117A '96' nestled under 'Sierra 99', KC-10 82-0191 from Travis.

The measurements of wingspan clearly in line with a standard F-117A at 43ft - the KC-10 is 165ft - so it is definitely not the supersize version that people say they saw in 2001. 

Whether it's actually tanking or hiding, who knows, but two days later when 'Sabre 96' was operating with 'Sierra 99', this time Travis KC-10 85-0029, he was told to 'break lock' which suggests it was refuelling.  Why it needed to tank before RTB is another matter given Groom Lake has plentiful fuel supplies....I'm assumng that it uses standard fuel.