Friday, 10 October 2014

....and in Sep-14 at the Tonopah Test Range as Night12

After visiting the newly opened Tonopah microbrewery the previous evening we set off for Brainwash Butte the next morning.

As soon as we arrived at the TTR overlook we saw a F-117A at medium altitude flying to the south east, it then returned around 1030 to do 30minutes of circuits and bumps at the TTR before dropping its chute on the runway and parking in the 3rd barn from the northerly end.  Callsign was Night 12.

Rough and ready photos

There's plenty more photos and if I can work out how to upload the audio, I will!

We left Brainwash Butte at 1500.

The next day the range was really quiet, as viewed from near the A'Le Inn until 1500, when a Su-27 in the company of a F-15 and 2x F-16s flew on some sort of test at high altitude against a F-16 equipped with a large white sensor pod on the port wingtip.