Sunday 7 November 2010

a bit of audio of Sabre 96 F-117A and its playmates

From TTR on 7-Oct.

Sabre 11 is N105TB Gulfstream II that departs the TTR at 1300 local time.  At the same time, Sierra 99 KC-10 85-0029 joined the test with Sabre 96 (F-117A?  same callsign and voice as 5-Oct) and Sabre 60 helicopter which went across TTR to Area 19B.  All working Ramrod on 337.5.

Also active were Cannon 1 and 2 A-10s in 'the Valley of Death' seen from Tikaboo Peak on 6-Oct-10 but also heard on 5-Oct-10.  Assumed not to be part of the test.

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