Thursday, 7 November 2019

Vapour trails over Groom Lake Nov-18

Vapour/smoke trails seen over the northern end of Groom Lake (the dry lakebed where runways 21 and 27 are) or maybe slightly to the north of Groom Lake itself.  Nov-18

 There was a formation of aircraft/missiles/? that did a loop comprising one large aircraft and several smaller craft before they went into the vertical, then split horizontally and transitioned very abruptly to the vertical.  

This aircraft was flying around the area before and after the above.  It could be the ‘parent/large’ aircraft that was part of the formation that we saw.  Who knows.  It was not a MiG-29, no tell-tale smokey exhaust!  


  1. That unknown aircraft is extremely similar to the experimental aircraft reported on the Dreamland resort website, seen on 26 September 1995.

    i.e. drooped concorde nose, large slab tail fin, and anhedral triangular wings.

    Look under the "black aircraft sightings" tab on the DLR website.

    Very interesting!

  2. It's an F-15 seen through haze, at long range.